Reconstruction II and Noble Pillars

Reconstruction II is a think tank that researches, which submits academic articles to various journal. This domain is based in Columbus Ohio, and is actively pursuing the idea and concept of becoming a National and International endeavor.

Reconstruction II shares and strengthen the Mission of Reconstruction Inc, with and beyond its Philadelphia core, and branches out into the Ohio area. As a small and growing presence of returning citizens and interested “others”, the political line of Reconstruction is furthered. This endeavor is to further the holistic, grassroots and scholarly capacity building actions of principled transformation.

Noble Pillars is a project developed by members of Reconstruction, Inc. that builds community unions while teaching how to acquire, own and manage property within the communities. Noble Pillars has acquired its LLC and strives to improve the quality of the neighborhood within the headquarters of Reconstruction, Inc. namely, the Tioga/Nicetown area of North Philadelphia. It is also the intentions of Noble Pillars to provide attainable housing and employment for those who are returning from incarceration.