LEAD is our youth-focused program with 4 generations. The first generation, from infant to 12 years of age, is called “Paradon Shifters.”  Group two’s ages range from 12 to 21.  This group works on the “Situation Management Pillar” of the Reconstruction Curriculum. The third LEAD group, ages 16-21 facilitates our “Situation Management Pillar”. LEAD’s fourth group, ages 21 to 35, is our youth leadership. Each member enriches the capacity of LEAD. Among the practices of that capacity building are: Leadership Development, Principled Business Practices, and Spiritual Stability. The goal of LEAD is to help participants become more self-determining, responsible, and accountable, to themselves and others. In the vein of community capacity building, youth are invited to take ownership of every part of this program.


What is LEAD’s Primary Focus
LEAD’s primary focus of “Situation Management” is to have all of its members to consistently participate.

Situation Management 4 Skill Sets

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Active Listening
  3. Relinquishing one’s position in order to understand other’s position
  4. Accessing and utilizing resources to manage situations

This is the service that LEAD provides to the community.