• Reconstruction II and Noble Pillars Reconstruction II is a think tank that researches, which submits academic articles to various journal. This domain is based in Columbus Ohio, and is actively pursuing the idea and concept of becoming a National and International endeavor. THE MISSION: Reconstruction II shares and strengthen the Mission of Reconstruction Inc, with […]

  • A.E.A. is a program created and facilitated by formerly incarcerated individuals. Our goal is to foster a sane and sober community of leaders by providing: progressive support groups, anger management, family crisis intervention and com- munity organized training.

  • L.E.A.D. was cre- ated to help other youth make sense of the world around them. Focus is on connecting personal is- sues to the historical and current political realities, having political dialogues and developing a practice.

  • FFL’s is a project whose mandate is first and foremost, to abolish Life Without Parole. Secondly, FFL exist to educate the public to the realities of serving a life sentence in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. FFL also addresses the commutation process which was estab- lished to grant lifers release by the Governor of the State. In addition, FFL addresses the issue of Juve- niles being sentenced to life without parole. Finally, FFL addresses access to the courts (i.e. PCRA).

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