Greetings Supporters,
Want to learn more about the movement to end Death By Incarceration? We’re hosting a community info session in Philly one week before we go to Harrisburg for the Day of Action. At the info session, we will be sharing info about our movement and the upcoming action, doing some lobbying and outreach training, and opening up space for questions and discussions.

The Infosession will take place on Tuesday October 11th at Arch Street Methodist Church (located at 55 N Broad Street in Philadelphia) at 7pm.
This event is open to everyone, whether or not you are attending the Day of Action in Harrisburg. Learn more and spread the word at

Can’t make the infosession but want to come to Harrisburg? You can sign up for a spot on the bus at or get in touch by phone at 267-606-0324 or email at TheDay of Action will take place in Harrisburg on October 18th.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

  • CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and ask that they support HB2135. You can find their contact info here:
  • DONATE! Help us get as many people as possible to Harrisburg by making a donation to help offset the cost ofbuses at
  • SPREAD THE WORD by sharing this info with friends and family.
  • JOIN US in Harrisburg on October 18th! Register for buses at

The Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration works to end death by incarceration (aka “life without parole”) sentences in Pennsylvania. The coalition’s anchoring organizations include Decarcerate PA, Fight for Lifers, The Human Rights Coalition, and Right to Redemption.

Questions? Call us at 267-606-0324 or email us at

Learn more at